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    Monday, October 24, 2011

    I need to animate

    Installed this new program called Animate pro and it simulates a traditional animator's workflow, right down to the flipping and tracing. Just finished watching all the videos for it and I already love it more than Flash. Should have listened to Linda and gotten this program years ago ._. Haven't done anything else today except get antiquated with the program and caught up to all the 11second club winners I missed. I swear, I have more unfinished 11second club entries than key poses of this months attempt...ugh.

    Here are some drawings of the character I'm animating. First one is me trying to find a character design and the second is me playing around with some expressions.

    And this last one is more practice in Sketchbook. I'm trying not blend with opacity and instead use hard strokes...but it's hard D:

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