Going ons

    Sunday, September 27, 2009

    World of Golden Eggs

    (Skip to 6:40 for a delightful tennis match)

    Its been a while since I found out about this series, but its amazingly entertaining and always gets a chuckle outta me. Its all in Japanese but its easy to laugh along with each skit, plus its fun practice.

    Monday, September 21, 2009

    Clear Asthetics

    Clear Asthetics

    A station to really relax to. It clears your mind, uplifts you and sends your spirits elsewhere familiar yet otherworldly. Pianos, soothing synthetics, airy vocals, all toward creating a calming demeanor. Perfect for studying, meditating, brainstorming, napping and as I like to use it, as a music bed while you work.

    Sunday, September 13, 2009

    Sneaky Cameo in Drama

    So I was watching this Drama, to practice my Japanese of course, called Attention Please which is about a rocker chick trying to become a flight attendant and who do I spot in the background of an arcade scene? The Beast himself, Daigo Umehara. Who is he?

    The very same Daigo from the video thats seen like over a gazillion times over the internet. SF4 world champion via EVO2009 and 1st place winner at over a dozen different venues. Seriously, what the fuck is he doing in my drama?!?!

    Tuesday, September 8, 2009

    Some Concept for "The Story"

    Tried the silhouette technique for rough concepts to work with, thanks to Rick for the squid and spider idea. The next two are just quick photoshop mock ups with pictures from the internet but I did draw the spider. Since I suck at rendering clouds I just filtered everything to make it look more painterly ha ha. The cloud spider isn't going to be ridden on, it's more like part of the sky ecosystem that gets eaten by the monster (whatever the class chooses)

    The next three are ideas I liked from my sketch book. Crystal didn't like the idea of beached whales at the end of the story so I steered away from typical fauna. Of course the first two are still animals but I tried to add more earth to them. The bonsai tree is my newest idea after spending a few hours in Sinclar library. It's the least animal like and more flora/monster so thats a plus.

    The squid propels itself with by using it's tentacles as a propeller, and it stays afloat with gas sacks (ala SoTC). The flying fish has some gas sacks inside it's mountain cave and it flaps around to stay afloat, swimming in clouds to breath. The Giant Bonsai tree glides around, like an unbrella in the wind. It uses it's roots to suck nutriants/water from clouds and also has propeller roots to keep it afloat. It also has multiple eyes to keep track of it's surroundings and to make it more monster like.

    Theres lots more concept art I wanna push out before Thursday, those would be more theatrical shots/compositions for the movie and to give an idea of what the environment would be.