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    Tuesday, March 31, 2009

    Almost forgot

    From Crystal's idea for our stop motion in class, this is what came to mind. The crazy eyeball ladies and eyeball hands are...uh...yeah. But the skeleton and hand scenes are sick. The digital glitch-core music may not be everyone's cup of tea so fair warning.

    Monday, March 30, 2009

    The glory days ;_;

    Ding'd 22 today, and I feel like a boring adult. I forgot it was today too, for some reason I thought it was tomorrow! I'm just doing homework, finishing this animation scene and studying instead of streaking across the high school football field...man that worries me. Not that I'm studying, but wishing I was doing something ridiculously stupid right now just to reassure myself that I'm a still a teenager. Man, it feels like it was only yesterday when I was thinking to myself that maybe I'm too old to play in the ball pit at McDonald's or DZ. As I always tell myself every year,

    Let the mind age another year, but keep the spirit forever young.

    That way you'll still be cool enough that your grand kids will always want to hang out with you even though you're all old, wrinkly and keep forgetting their names.

    Sunday, March 29, 2009

    Dropping the N-bomb

    Ditching the N-word

    Interesting link. An exploration on the definition "Nerd" and the general consensus of, though diluted, social connotations of what it implies.

    Geek - Someone who has interests are not necessarily mainstream or popular: science fiction, fantasy, role playing, the list goes on. Can have shyer tendencies but usually manages to find like-minded brethren. Despite their hobbies, they are mostly balanced individuals and know how to get out on a Saturday night. At the same time, they are perfectly content not going out on a Saturday night, if it comes to it.

    Nerds - Someone that has geek hobbies but does not have balance. Goes totally overboard. No social graces whatsoever. Would not know what to do if asked to leave home on a Saturday night. May possibly get together with other nerds and do nerdy things on said Saturdays, but unlike geeks, has no capacity whatsoever to engage in more mainstream activities.

    Dork - Someone, either popular or unpopular, who does/has done relentlessly stupid things. Also known as whale's penis.

    /b/tard - A normal, fully functional citizen of any society who, through complete internet anonymity, has become a an entity with nazi tendencies, pedophilistic desires, has complete disregard for his fellow's mental and physical health and all around a complete jackass. Occasionally produces lulz which in turn become memes that are wholly accepted by internet subculture. That person you wish you could punch in the face through the internet.

    To be fair, picture is of hikikomoris' doing what they do. I just wanted a reason to post it.

    Saturday, March 28, 2009

    Pre-emptive strike!

    Well I was bound to actually post something that has to do with homework one of these days. This is what I have animated so far from my layout frames 1-6, its not the final animation just an animation test of what I have. I have 20 layout frames that need inbetweens and the basic layout of Kristen to do and modeling the chair and background all day tomorrow...or at least as much as I can before I find another devastating distraction.



    Being the comic book connoisseur that I am, tasting comic books from around the world is a deadly HUEG timesink pastime of mine.

    Today entree is a battle manhwa called 베리타스 (Veritas). One part high school, two parts martial arts fighting, glazed with awesome sweet drawings and baked in Korea. Its a LOT better than Tenjou Tenge story wise, hell its a lot better than most high school battle comics in general so take a look if your interested.

    Ok, seriously. Back to animation -_-

    Friday, March 27, 2009


    Even though it takes an hour for me to translate each chapter, its sooooooooooo totally worth it.

    For anyone whos interested, this manga is about these two middle school students who want to be Mangakas and have an Anime out before they're out of high school. If Mashiro, the artist, can do that he'll be able to marry the girl of his dreams who wants to be a voice actress- specifically for their manga when it turns into an anime. You learn a lot about the manga industry, which in itself is super cool. The picture posted is from one of their Mangas that JUST got an OK for serialization. Its about a con-man who cons criminals into relieving themselves...good stuff!

    Thursday, March 26, 2009

    Wednesday, March 25, 2009

    Spring Season

    Super surprised seeing Hatsukoi Gentei and Dogs/Bullets & Carnage for this season. Those are really good mangas so I highly suggest picking those up if you're ever in B&N. I'm slightly disappointed with FMA, but we'll see, and seeing Dragonball Kai and Conan Vs Lupin threw me off. I'm inclined to post a lolWUT macro but thats for another day. Oh and if you haven't already, watch/read Chii's Sweet Home. Its enough to make even the hardest K1/UFC fighters tear up and dawwwwwwww in unison.

    Im a genius at wasting 時ime

    But to counteract that, I've recorded myself actually doing work. Why do such a thing you ask? Because its FRIGGIN COOL! Playing back the last 3hree hours, I've seen that I'm actually pretty productive when I'm not wasting time, not unlike what I'm doing right now. If you want your very own time lapse video, then head on over to this page and start recording with your Mac's webcam.

    Pointless? Perhaps. Interesting? Maybe only to me ha ha.

    Time Lapse

    They hate our guts! They hate our...insides....ugh...

    If you're a gamer, these people HAET you!

    I'm not mad at these people, but I am annoyed that the General census of what a typical "gamer" denotes, is that its someone who only plays WoW all day. not saying WoW is bad or anything Great game but bad end for life but just being lumped together with them makes me frown. what about all the hours I spent on my DS?!!?

    I didn't waste my Life on other games and systems just to be grouped together with the low-tier bandwagon gamers who spam Barrens chat or bought their characters on Player acutions (I admit that I've sold characters to those suckers though). I liked it better when everyone thought that being a Gamer meant you played Halo and Madden all day. At least you could pretend that you were part of a Frat. Thats way cooler then pretending that you're a shut it.


    Tuesday, March 24, 2009

    Proof of Otaku

    As with all breaks, you tend to find the most pointless/unproductive thing to do and do it...for a long time. I know I've wasted more than enough time organizing (digging through) my closet. Two drawers and 5 boxes later I came across this poster from what? 5? 6 years ago? Its a poster from the first Go-Gaia convention in Cali back when I was in high school. Kawaii-con was on my mind when I found this find this so I thought it was interesting enough to pointlessly blog about it ha ha.

    Thinking back, that Gaia-con was my first convention (and first time traveling without any adults). Ahh the 6 hour wait outside before the con started, being surrounded by dozens upon dozens of American hikikomoris and creepy Sephiroth fangirls. Crazy good cosplays, and the amazing horribly eye gouging first encounter with Man-Faye...what an experience that was! This post reminds me of one of my lifelong dreams, to experience ComicCon and Comiket at least once. I've done EVO and MLG but the last two pillars seem so far away.

    Anyway, good luck with your projects everyone! Don't dig into your closets, least you find some skeletons with HUEG time sinks attached to them!

    Sunday, March 22, 2009

    美しい名前 - The Back Horn

    After translating this song I looked for another translation to see how well I did, and man did my version suck! I couldn't change my translation anymore without sounding almost exactly like the one I found so I opted to post the translation by tortiz29 instead. Hopefully I can get good enough with my translations to the point where I don't need to compare it to others. That way if it happens to sound exactly the same as someone else I could say that great minds think alike :D

    泣きたい時ほど涙は出なくて 唇噛んでる真っ白い夜
    The tears don't come when I feel like crying, the night is devoid of colour as I bite on my lips.
    体中に管をたくさん付けて そうかちょっと疲れて眠ってるんだね
    Your entire body is attached with tubes, that's right, you are a little tired and are merely resting.

    世界で一番悲しい答えと 悲しくなれない真っ黒い影
    The saddest answer in the world and the pitch black shadow that knows not sorrow.
    擦れそうな声で名前を呼んだ ふいにゾッとするほど虚しく響いた
    I called your name in my scratchy voice, but it resounded in vain till it shivered and disappeared into nothingness.

    あぁ 時計の針を戻す魔法があれば
    You know, if there was such magic to turn back time,
    あぁ この無力な両手を切り落とすのに
    I would cut down this pair of useless hands.

    The world continues spinning, for our sake,
    世界に二人ぼっちで 鼓動が聞こえるくらいに
    so that the heartbeat within us can be heard by the world.

    微かにこの手をなぞった指先 小さなサインに敏感になる
    The fingertip that lightly traced your hand becomes sensitive to the slightest sign.
    こんなふうに君の心の音に 耳をずっと澄まして過ごせばよかった
    If only I had always listened this closely to the sound of your heart..

    あぁ 想いを隠したまま笑っていたね
    You laughed while hiding your feelings, right?
    あぁ 知らない振りをしてた 僕への罰だ
    But I was clueless, and that has become my punishment.

    The world continues spinning, for our sake,
    離れてしまわぬように 呼吸もできないくらいに
    so that we won't be separated, until we can't breathe.

    何度だって呼ぶよ 君のその名前を だから目を覚ましておくれよ
    No matter how many times I call your name.. So please, please wake up.
    今頃気付いたんだ 君のその名前がとても美しいということ
    I have now realised, how very beautiful your name is.

    The world continues spinning, for our sake,
    世界に二人ぼっちで 鼓動が聞こえるくらいに
    so that the heartbeat within us can be heard by the world.

    The world continues spinning, for our sake,
    離れてしまわぬように 呼吸もできないくらいに
    so that we won't be separated, until we can't breathe.

    何度だって呼ぶよ 君のその名前を だから目を覚ましておくれよ
    No matter how many times I call your name.. So please, please wake up.
    今頃気付いたんだ 君のその名前がとても美しいということ
    I have now realised, how very beautiful your name is.

    Realistic Fantsy world Vs Grimdark Fantasy world

    I really liked the dynamics of this drawing I did for Crystal, a super scary hardcore Yeti shooting rainbows and stars from it's mouth at a 13ft bunny in a Victorian style dress with an elephant gun. Fantastic? You betcha!

    Wednesday, March 18, 2009

    Video for Linda, Picture for everyone else

    lol Jose

    Video I made so that I have something to reference while doing my animation. Acting ability? 0% In addition, I have this amazing picture of me and my students. Thats Ralph in the back.

    Tuesday, March 17, 2009


    Just a short 15 second layout, the whole thing should be 30secs though with inbetweens and whatnots. I have the layout animation of my leading lady but couldn't scan it in this morning because shes naked and faceless, and really really hairy from all the sketching.

    Sunday, March 15, 2009

    South Park

    Kenny Compilation

    Saturday, March 14, 2009


    Learning more Japanese by learning English in Japanese! I'm tripping on nutcrackers!


    Thursday, March 12, 2009

    An Important Influence

    I was browsing around online when I found some people posting drawings from one of my favorite artist. I was floundering around in high school with no art/illustrative background once so ever for the longest time and It wasn't until I joined Go-Gaia that I was exposed to all the different kind of artists and (anime) styles out there. So I figured I'd use this post to share one of my most important influences.

    Saka, mainly known as one of the founders and main artist for Go-Gaia (Gaiaonline's old site name). I feel in love with with his style and for the loooooooongest time I tried to emulate him, this of course before I knew anything ha ha. He has a very specific way of depicting the human form, exaggerating the eyes and style of rendering. Hes pretty cool, and me being exposed to his work kick started me on my artistic journey.

    Wednesday, March 11, 2009

    Translation Fun (Practice? Both?!?!)

    Finding and listening to music is great and all but I figured that if I wanted to enjoy the Japanese songs I've been listening to, then I better damn well KNOW what the song is about. Quite obvious really, though it only hit me earlier this morning...a fact which I've decided to rectify. Thats what I get for being so spoiled on OP and ED subs XP.

    So keeping true to "The Quest" I found the lyrics of this song and popped open a dictionary. Suddenly remembering that I had no clue as to how to find specific Kanji, since I never learned how to use a Japanese Dictionary, I internet-ed my way over to Jim Breen's online dictionary and worked on translating. It's a pretty rough and iffy translation since the context of each line still alludes me at some point but it goes well with the music video which means I'm on the right track. I know I got some lines wrong but I'm satisfied and mentally pooped.

    I was bright, you were cloudy
    I wonder if our passion and dreams were a heavy burden

    The things you hated were forgotten whenever you were by my side
    Where was I looking, even though I wasn't expecting to find it

    Well on that day

    At the same time you said "Good-bye"
    あの約束の破り方を 他の誰かの愛し方を
    I promised to escape the path of love from other people
    Though truthfully we didn't know what would happen

    約束したよね 「100歳までよろしくね」
    Our deep promise "We'll be together until we're 100"
    But I felt our 101st year came too quickly

    こんなこと言って ほんとにごめんね
    For leaving things the way they are now, I'm really sorry
    In my mind, I realize my heart has mixed feelings

    But that's just how I am

    造ってくれたのは 救ってくれたのは
    The one who made me, the one who saved me
    きっとパパでも 多分ママでも 神様でもないと思うんだよ
    Definitely Papa, but perhaps it was Mama, surely not god
    残るはつまり ほらね君だった
    Though you were there for sure

    Even if you see me bound to someone else
    As two people, fate binds us
    その中にもきっと 君の遺伝子もそっと
    That between us, your genes (feelings,personality) gently
    Is being mixed into me, I wonder

    でも君がいないなら きっとつまらないから
    But if you're not here, it'll undoubtedly be boring
    As I kill time, I'll coincidentally be waiting until 20085

    今までほんとにありがとう 今までほんとにごめんね
    I really want to thank you for everything up until now, and I'm sorry too
    今度は僕が待つ番だよ 君が生きていようとなかろうと
    It's my turn to wait this time, for you to live your life
    But I was able to laugh for the first time as we made our promise

    「さよなら」と一緒に 僕からの言葉を
    "Goodbye" at the same time take these words of mine
    「ありがとう」と一緒に 「ごめんね」を
    "Thank you" as well as "Sorry"

    「空が綺麗だね 人は悲しいね」
    "Its a pretty sky, with sad people"
    Its bathed with truth and becomes clear (???)

    僕の好きな君 その君が好きな僕
    I love you, that you love me
    It was clear to me, before I knew it (???)

    This love that if I had to name it, It'll be "Thank you"

    Monday, March 9, 2009

    Maquette and some Pimp Ass 音楽

    So heres what I have, spent FOREVER on his hair and legs. Not at all satisfied with the face but I can't change it anymore least ruining his whole head D: I'm glad its almost done, still gotta smooth a lot out but for the most part I'm happy with it. Do we bring these in? I dunno lol. I guess I'll try to figure out how to transport this around -.-

    Now I've somewhat gotten "kinda" used to getting around this japanese music site I've found some pretty すごいー音楽 browsing (randomly clicking) around. I admit, the only way I'd learn of awesome Japanese songs were from the OP and ED of different Animes. I'm not ashamed, though I kinda regret letting everyone know now. ANYWAY! Things are different now, because now I'm going to find the next awesome song BEFORE it becomes a OP or ED.

    First video is a J-pop song by Soutaisei Riron, second is more glitch-core but done by OMODAKA, a Japanese artist and the video itself is amazing (inb4 lolmayaparticles), and the last is an R&B (!!!!) song by Aoyama Thelma. The last one is another one by OMODAKA but with Japanese this time, trippy with a delightful melody. While watching OMODAKA music videos, all I could think of was 誰か説明してください! Finding awesome stuff makes me smile :)

    Sunday, March 8, 2009


    Oh my god you can see HIS BONES!!!111!!!!!1one1!!!

    And I had a nice delicious mouthful of Super Sculpey because I wasn't paying attention. I thought it was a piece of chicken that fell from my bowl. D:

    Watchmen, fuck yes you are the greatest adaptation EVER

    So being a the huge comic book nerd that I am, when a possible Watchmen movie was first announced like a decade back I was skeptical, and pretty much jaded at the idea. I first encountered Watchmen from a comic book vendor at the old Swap Meet near Pearlridge when I was 9. I grew up on the historically laughable 90's generation of EXTREME comics, so this was my first encounter with something old school and man was it a doozy. So back then when I heard of a movie adaptation I didn't think it would be possible at all for it to be anything like the amazing crazy sexy comic I had instantly loved.

    Fast forward to two years ago and when I heard that Snyder picked up the task to making the adaptation, I was ecstatic! Seeing what he did with 300, I knew that Watchmen would not disappoint. Then the internet rumors began spreading about how they changed the ending, cut stuff from the movie, changed things around...but you know what? I didn't care because the movie had to appeal to those who had never heard of the comic before and besides adaptations would never live up to the original so I was happy that the someone who wanted to make a homage of Watchmen was the Snyder who didn't impose his vision on the comics, but rather tried his best to portray the original creator's vision instead.

    Fuck the "fanboys".
    There was an animation using all the paneles and text straight from the comic book with voice acting and the "fanboys" still complained. This was an amazing adaptation, littered with so many details that people like me would go ga-ga over. Like the implication that Viedt might be gay, or the opening credits.

    Man. brb going to reread Watchmen again.

    Thursday, March 5, 2009

    Kanji VOODOO

    So anyone and everyone who's ever taken a Japanese class knows how sucky Kanji is, and how hard it is to memorize, the hassle of remembering stroke order and how time is better spent on the internet. While on my quest of fluency enlightenment I stumbled upon this amazing piece of software. It goes through all the kanji a student would need to learn, and in order so that it becomes easier writing complicated characters when they're just combination of simpler ones.

    It works off of a SRS system so memorization is optimized. Just think of it as smart flashcards. The easier the card, the less likely you'll ever review it, and the program will always manage to refresh your memory on that one bit on info you were on the verge of forgetting. Good stuff, but it's PC only.

    Kanji Gold

    Of course you'll have to go and practice writing the characters out, and put some effort into memorizing, but hey nothing comes easy eh?

    Did I mention its free?

    Tuesday, March 3, 2009


    Ha ha ha, so my first attempt resulted into a pile of poopoo and lose. I watched this video form the ACM animation main site and thought I could do it. How wrong I was. I'll try again, don't want to put the stuff I did up because well...it's crap. XP

    Must see Linda before trying another attempt.

    Monday, March 2, 2009


    So here I am, surfing around the interwebs in the wee early hours of the night just clicking (semi)randomly around and found some pretty interesting sites. While mindless browsing is fun, I'm keeping true to my word and going around Japanese sites instead. Over the weekend I found two sites that are random but interesting to just check up on.

    The first is a regular blog, not particularly interesting at all really (sorry, I lied) but I think it its pretty cool. Just a a girl blogging about her life and all it's mundane-ness which I enjoy translating. Takes me an hour per post, but its pleasant and good practice. うさぎさんの毎日

    The second is another blog, but with audio! Its more like a podcast if anything about the daily life and interesting topics of three girls from Hokkaido. Recorded from their all girl school's recording studio, topics range from the kinds of coffee they like, to the different sports they enjoy, shops they like going to at and how awesome music from Hokkaido is (I must look into this). To be honest I feel like I'm sitting in with a group of girls as they talk about their day to day going ons but without all the えとー's and あのー’s. Its like making Japanese friends but without having to talk! ha ha ha マリモエオ