Going ons

    Monday, December 8, 2008

    The last push and encouragement for everyone

    The semester, without a doubt our hardest school semester, is finally coming to an end. I could say it was the hardest because I've been taking 6 classes every semester since my freshman year and this was the first time I've experienced this kind of workload and constant exhaustion from just 4 classes (Which actually just felt like only 2).

    The sleepless nights, at least twice a week
    Crazy amounts of stress every time a homework assignment was due
    Said homework assignments which were the equivalent of projects
    Grand ideas/amazing things we've envisioned turning in but realistically only able to achieve 20-50% of it
    Seldom meeting the expectations of our teachers on said assignments
    Legs falling asleep , and aching back (Not to mention hand cramps and bad eyesight) from hunching over our animation boards and computers
    Loved ones and friends we've all had to neglect in order to stay on schedule
    Video games which were left unopened/untouched
    Holidays which never felt like holidays

    -but despite all that-

    We've all by far progressed amazingly and have amazing .mov to show. I'm always amazed at our class's progress and the stuff I've seen my classmates do. There isn't anyone who hasn't tried his/her best at least some point during the semester in order to impress the others and everyone has been impressed by someone's work like wise. Each assignment has their stars, but all of us shine. This semester really pushed us to the next level, without a doubt. Ha ha, I really put on the cheese back there, but it's true.

    All thats left is the portfolio and our movie. Good luck everyone, I can't wait.

    PS: I have kittens in case anyone wants one.
    3 calico kittens up for grabs, PST if interested

    PSS: Heres a .gif to make everyone smile since we're over our animations


    Friday, December 5, 2008

    A Flower for Tulip

    Final Animation

    Scanning and compositing was done around noonish. Then when I watched it there were lots of choppy parts that kept bugging me no matter how little I paid attention to it. Went back and forth drawing/scanning/uploading. Post production was fun since this was the kind of stuff I do at work. Speaking of work, after winter break I'll demo 2D animation and Maya to my students at the high school, yeaaaaaaaah. I'll model my teaching plan around ACM215 and ACM216 ha ha.

    See you guys tomorrow if you're going to the festival, other than that good luck with your demo reels and Kaveh's.

    Oh, one more thing. Here's my Pandora e-radio station centered around soothing music and Clear Aesthetics. Relax, chill, fall asleep.

    Thursday, December 4, 2008

    Lulz Before the Storm

    Oh Rider, you silly heroic spirit you!

    But in all seriousness, backgrounds drawn, animation pencil tested, music created, voice acting...lacking, and my next door neighbor's scanner is in my clutches. First sleep, then...the world.

    Tuesday, December 2, 2008

    What was your weekend like?

    So heres 17 seconds. Need the transition where Neal jumps from the bush, all tiki like and starts running and when he turns theres a bunch more inbetweens to do. I would have had a lot more done for this and Kaveh's class had I not been indulging in lost joys such as 'hobbies' or 'sleeping'.

    Caveman Neal

    Thursday and Friday was spent all day and night cooking at work while the weekend consisted of bliss. Sinful bliss, what with deadlines coming up. I must say, this was my laziest weekend since the Semester started. Cleared 2 games, watched 12 anime episodes + 1 movie and finally marathon'd 5 mangas in the course of 2 days.

    I highly recommend this list to anyone not currently enrolled in any ACM animation/3D course. Or if you're like me.

    Megaman Legends 1
    Brave Fencer Musashi (Both for PS)
    Neo Toonami
    Densha Otoko
    Kimi ni Todoke
    Ubel Blatt
    Lovely Complex
    Honeymoon Salad

    Neotoonami streams all the awesome anime/cartoons that used to play on Cartoon Network
    Densha Otoko is about an Otaku who meets a girl on a train and asks people on a message board on what to do so he can meet her again (Based on a true story)
    Kimi ni Todoke is about a sweet girl whos really kind and thoughtful but unfortunately everyone thinks of her as the girl in The Ring.
    Ubel Blatt takes place in a fantasy setting and is about a man out for revenge against the nation's 7 'heros'. Betrayal, fights, and twists abound. (Pretty graphic)
    Lovely Complex is about a tall girl and short boy, both with height complexes, who help each other to find a boyfriend or girlfriend respectively.
    Honeymoon Salad can be downright pornographic at times since it's aimed at an older crowd. It's a story is about a man and the two women in his life. An ex-girlfriend that he still has feelings for despite having his heart ripped a new one in high school, that is now homeless and a woman he sleeps with who has been a victim of a stalker and domestic abuse.